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Leaving on a Jet Plane (Airplane Travel)

For Airplane Travel, start off with our travel “must have” list and then make sure to take into consideration these airplane-specific travel tips to help make your flight a memorable one…for all the RIGHT reasons!

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare!
No matter what, before you start packing or even planning for a flight with your young child or infant, make sure to understand your chosen airline’s policies when it comes to things such as buying a seat/ticket for infants and checking or gate checking car seats and strollers. Each airline’s policies are constantly changing, but most publish and update them on their websites…here are links to a few websites for some of the larger USA airlines:

American Airlines
Delta Airlines
Southwest Airlines
United Airlines
US Airways

Flying non-stop is much easier than having connections, especially with young children. It might be slightly more expensive, but will be worth it in the end.

Try to schedule your flight time during nap time…it will make the flight much easier for both you and your child.

Make sure you pack games/entertainment options with limited noise as you’ll be in very closer quarters with other travelers for the duration of your flight.

Airport Security Reminders & Tips

Use our Gate Check Bag for Car Seats if you have to send an infant car seat through security as it keeps the car seat clean when you put it upside down on the conveyor belt.

If traveling with larger car seats (meaning you should probably already have an Ultimate, Wheelie or Elite Car Seat Travel Bag with you) you’ll have to take the car seat out of the bag since it won’t fit on the conveyor belt. TSA will take the car seat and check it out with a wand and a fabric swab. The bag can then be folded up and placed on the conveyor belt.

Fold up your stroller before you get to the metal detector to save time. Most umbrella strollers fit on conveyor belts, so just place it in a Gate Check Bag for Umbrella Strollers to keep it clean & protected.

Be sure to check with the FAA on updated liquid amounts before you pack and head to the airport. Breast milk and baby bottles are ok to take. Water is not but can be purchased after you’re through security. You can visit the TSA’s website here.

Getting on Airplanes

Almost all airlines let families with young children board before other passengers, so make sure to use this time to reduce the stress for yourself and your child and get set-up & acclimated on the plane.

STROLLER: If you’re gate checking your stroller (we recommend) lay your stroller in the Gate Check Bag (we have gate check bags for both Umbrella Strollers and Standard/Double Strollers) next to the other strollers at the bottom of the jet way. When the flight lands they will bring the stroller up to that area again for you to grab. With the Gate Check Bag it’s easy to find your stroller, grab the handle and go…getting out of the way fast.

CAR SEAT: If you will be using your car seat on the plane, be ready to show its FAA approved sticker to the flight attendant. Consider our Wheelie Car Seat Travel Bag for use when you’re bringing your car seat on the plane, as it’s great for wheeling your car seat through the airport and can then fold up for placement in the overhead compartment during your flight.

If you have an infant car seat and the plane is full (meaning you can utilize your infant car seat in an empty seat), leave it covered at the bottom of the jet way with the other car seats and strollers. Make sure it’s covered with our Gate Check Bag for Car Seats since the under area of a plane is VERY DIRTY!

When taking off, lollipops are great for toddlers to suck on, pacifiers for infants, and gum for older children. Sucking and swallowing will help lessen ear problems during take-off and landing. Breast feeding and bottle feeding are a good idea too.