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Booster Go-Go Travel Bag for Booster Seats

booster travel buddy


While they may have outgrown their “baby seats,” their cute little tushies still need a place to sit when on-the-go. The Booster Go-Go Travel Bag is a versatile, handy, compact bag that makes protecting and carrying your child’s backless booster car seat, baby seat or booster seat a breeze. The Booster Go-Go Travel Bag features a unique back panel that securely attaches around your favorite luggage handles, making this bag super easy to travel with. Extra-long shoulder straps, easy-to-clean material and an adorable chevron pattern make this bag functional and fun. Bonus: Use the bag for groceries, beach days, weekend trips and more!

Item No. 2013GY-CHV

UPC: 052678770136

Product Size: 17.5”W x 16”H x 8”D

Materials: Polyester

Product Care: Wipe clean with mild soap and warm water.

Not recommended for airline baggage check. Adult use only.