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Crib Mobile Attachment Clamp

pick a mobile. any mobile.

Whether it’s brand new and modern, a handmade gift or one that has been handed down for generations, you can safely attach any type of crib mobile to the crib with our Crib Mobile Attachment Clamp! It features large rubber pads that grip the crib railing and protect your crib from scratches and damage left by knob-and-post style arms. Use the clamp as a replacement for knob-and-post styles that don’t fit all cribs. The Crib Mobile Attachment Clamp fits onto both traditional and convertible cribs, specialty and decorative cribs. The clamp opens to 2” wide and the arm features a convenient safety button to lock the clamp in position. The “quick-attach” clamp is easy to use – simply push on the lever to open the clamp and slide it over the crib railing; the clamp will automatically adjust to the width of the railing. Also great to use on changing tables or when on-the-go.

Item #: 2003

UPC: 0 52678 02003 3

Colors: White

Assembled Product Dimensions: 18” H

Packaged Product Size: 15” H x 4.25” W x 3.25” D