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Theme Park Adventures

Whether you’re taking the kids to “the happiest place on earth,” heading to a zoo or wild animal park to take a walk on the wild side or gathering up your courage for a full day of rollercoaster thrills, these tips will help you prepare for a day of fun-filled adventure!

When it comes to getting around with your stroller (and remember…don’t underestimate needing a stroller for even older kids after an all-day theme park adventure!) you’ll need as much cargo room as possible. Check out our various stroller storage and organizer options that you’ll be happy you brought along! Whether you have a single stroller in need of the Cups ‘N Cargo, a double stroller in need of our Double Stroller Organizer, are looking for an insulated option such as our Cups ‘N Cool Deluxe Stroller Console or want to try out the new Cargo ‘N Drinks Parent Tray…we have what you need!

What to Pack: Pack everything…but pack light. The more lightweight the items are, the easier it will be to carry them either in a back pack or stroller organizer without your stroller (or you!) tipping over.
• Sunscreen – lots of it! plus sunglasses and hats
• Healthy snacks & quick drinks
• Mini, homemade first-aid kit with Bandaids, Neosporin, Aspirin, Benadryl, fingernail clippers & tweezers (they come in handy for splinters!) to name a few
• Dry socks for everyone, possibly a change of shoes as well and definitely a change of clothes for any super little ones
• Full-body changing pad (check out ours in a variety of great colors!) along with wipes, wipes case, etc. Our Bag ‘n Bags and Tie ‘N Toss disposable bags and container are perfect for diapering on the go too!
• Reusable or plastic bags for wet clothes, etc.
• Camera & video camera to capture all the amazing memories of the day! And if there are park associates whose job it is to take pictures, take advantage of it!!

Think about purchasing small toys/trinkets related to where you’re going beforehand at mass retail stores to save money, i.e. purchase a Mickey Mouse doll at Target instead of in the park to save money and still provide a great, themed gift for your child.

If the park you’re visiting offers daily lockers for a minimal fee, take advantage and store those bulkier items like coats & jackets that aren’t necessarily needed all day or at a moment’s notice.

Let go & just be a kid!! See the theme park through your kid’s eyes and enjoy the imagination and adventure of it all!